• VANKYO Leisure 510PW Native 1080P ProjectorVANKYO Leisure 510PW Native 1080P Projector

    VANKYO Leisure 510PW Projector Review

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    VANKYO Leisure 510PW is an affordable movie projector that features native 1920*1080p resolution providing you the best viewing experience. It offers 5G wifi connection that gives you an ultimate game sharing experience.

    VANKYO Leisure 510PW comes with built-in office functionality that allows it to access most basic office files without the need for conversion. It also features 200” wide screen, Hi-Fi audio, zoom capability (from 50 percent to 100 percent), and built-in office applications. It is an all in one movie projector that satisfy your family need.

  • VANKYO Miracle 120 Mini Movie ProjectorVANKYO Miracle 120 Mini Movie Projector

    VANKYO Miracle 120 Mini Movie Projector Review

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    VANKYO Miracle 120 is a Mini Movie Projector specially designed for home entertainment purpose. The 5000 lux Vankyo mini projector, which supports 1080p resolution, offers you a 60 percent plus clearer picture for a luxury home theater experience.

    In VANKYO Miracle 120 offers 42′-300″ projection view size with a distance of 4.9ft-34.2ft and up to 50,000 hours of lamp life, supplying you with a superior viewing experience. Built-in powerful speaker will provide a simple sound and even without external speakers.

  • VANKYO GO200 Smart Mini ProjectorVANKYO GO200 Smart Mini Projector

    VANKYO GO200 Smart Mini Projector Review

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    Vankyo GO200 is a pocket size mini projector that comes with an Android 7.1 operating system and supports 5000+ native apps. The projector uses sophisticated DLP technology to deliver brighter and outstanding image quality. The projector comes with a superior LED brightness with a long-lasting bulb to provide amazing entertainment experience.

  • VANKYO Miracle110 Mini Projector ReviewVANKYO Miracle110 Mini Projector Review

    VANKYO Miracle110 Mini Projector Review

    Electronics $79.99 Buy product

    VANKYO Miracle110 Mini Projector is best energy-saving portable movie projector especially designed to protect your kids eyes from eye strain. It is a best affordable movie projector that support FULL HD resolution and gives your family the best cinematic experience.

    VANKYO mini mobile projector is portable and small in size of dimension  4.33*5.7*7.4 inches  and has very low weight which is measured to be 1.28lb. This projector is of cute octopus design, which is so vibrant and the perfect present for small children to play rhymes and other useful content.

    VANKYO Miracle110 Mini Projector comes with built-in superior quality Stereo Speakers system that provides auditory enjoyment, improving kids to play and learn interest. This Mini Projector is equipped with Technical Cooling System that provides better cooling and minor noise while watching movies with your family. To get best performance, you are recommended to use it in dark environment.




    VANKYO Leisure 410 Mini Projector Review

    Electronics $99.99 Buy product

    VANKYO Leisure 410 is a most demanded projector in 2020 that provides you and your family the cristal clear, sharp images with FULL HD supported. The contrast ratio of this Projector is 3000:1, giving you the brightest image quality. It can project up to a 200-inch screen size that is best for watching movies and make you feel like a real theatre cinema.

    This Projector includes VGA, USB, SD, AV, HDMI, and audio ports, that are compatible with XBOX, Firestick, Smart TV, Chromecast, Android, and IOS devices. The Lamp life of VANKYO Leisure 410 gives 40000 hours, and its outer case is made of plastic, which is of size 8.42 x 4.56 x 12 inches and weighs 4.14 pounds. The company also provides three years of warranty services to its product for its customers.


    VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector Review

    Electronics $36.40 Buy product

    VANKY Leisure 3W mini projector provides wireless sharing of 1080P videos from your android and ios devices with the best cinematic experience. The distance of projection varies from 3.42ft to 18.21 ft while changing screen size from 32 inches to 175 inches to give the best picture quality for your home or office use.

    VANKYO Leisure 3W Projector comes with dual audio inbuilt functionality giving you and your family the best home entertainment experience that you never had before. It provides multiple choices like play games, watch movies, share photos, etc. wirelessly into bigger screen size and make you feel like a real cinematic experience.

    Vanko Leisure 3w mini projector is compatible with most of your home devices like firestick, laptop, Xbox, Smart Tv, android or ios smart appliances, etc. It is an affordable projector that brings wireless freedom in home entertainment and changes your family lifestyle.

  • GooDee YG620 Native 1080p ProjectorGooDee YG620 Native 1080p Projector

    GooDee YG620 Native 1080p Projector Review

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    With the GooDee YG620 video projector, you can bring widescreen, high-definition entertainment to your living room or outdoors. Get life-sized visuals up to 300″ in width and height up to 25 times the size of a 60″ flat screen in 1080p.

    Using a high dynamic contrast ratio of 7000:1 in conjunction with a revolutionary high-refraction 5-layer glass lens, this projector meets all audio and visual requirements for theater-like home entertainment and workplace environments.

  • Yunyu-US 400LM Portable ProjectorYunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector

    Yunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector Review

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    Yunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector continues to be a viable alternative for home theater use, as well as a terrific toy projector for children’s play and education.

    This portable media Projector is ideal for small-scale theatrical and educational purposes for youngsters. It comes with remote controller for playing the media content.

  • YABER V6 1080P Video ProjectorYABER V6 1080P Video Projector

    YABER V6 1080P Video Projector Review

    Electronics $285.99 Buy product

    YABER V6 is the best 1080P projector that offers brightness of 7500 lumens, a contrast ratio of 10000:1, and a 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio for brilliant and vibrant video quality for your home entertainment. This movie projector is made with a cutting-edge Premium LED light source, greater components, and a careful production process.

    When comparing the image of the V6 projector to that of other 6000: 1 portable projectors, the V6 projector’s image is more visible and clear, and the color is more brilliant and bright. It may utilize the remote control to select “Digital Zoom” to shrink the image’s length and width to 50% of their original length and breadth.

  • YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth ProjectorYABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector

    YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector Review

    Electronics $99.99 Buy product

    YABER V3 is a mini Bluetooth Projector available for home entertainment services that offer great audio experience.This mini Projector adopts a state-of-the-art German LED light source, high-quality materials and delicate method output. It has 3w dual Hifi stereo speakers with srs sound system and provides a great audio experience without external speakers.

    With a native 1280*720p resolution and 5500 lumens, 5500:1 contrast ratio, the vivid big screen promises superb frame quality, exceptional color precision and unbelievably sharp image information for home entertainment. The newest Bluetooth 5.0 chip built-in V3 mini projection device will attach your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly at any time.

  • WiMiUS K2 Mini Projector Full HD ProjectorWiMiUS K2 Mini Projector Full HD Projector

    WiMiUS K2 Mini Full HD Projector Review

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    WiMiUS K2 is an affordable Mini Full HD Projector that offers you and your family the best home entertainment services. The dimension measurement for this K2 Mini Projector is about 8.27 x 5.79 x 3.15 inches, and it weighs 3.36 pounds. The integrated 5W portable WiFi projector, built with an SRS sound system, creates film stereos and deep basses.

    The WiMiUS K2 Mini Full HD projector has 5500 lumens real brilliance, 30% lighter than other 5500 lumens. In contrast, the native resolution 1280 * 720 is two times clearer than most 1080P projection systems offered. In a dark or semi-dark room, it gives you a really clear and bright picture.

  • BOSNAS Native 1080P Video ProjectorBOSNAS Native 1080P Video Projector

    BOSNAS 1080P Video Projector Review

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    BOSNAS Native 1080P Video Projector is the most powerful Video Projector that offers a vibrant and crispy clear movie quality delivering you the best cinematic experience. The dimension for this Projector is about 16.22 x 12.4 x 6.1 inches. The new cooling technologies with two fans and a silent architecture promise a very low degree of noise and a lamp life of up to 90,000 hours.

    This Projector provides a state-of-the-art German-based LED lamp, high-quality materials and delicate output. It weighs 7.65 pounds. It provides a large, bright screen with fantastic clarity of the frame, remarkable color precision and an extremely clear image. It is perfect for watching films, videos, soccer games, music or computer games! You will have a wonderful time with your family and friends.