• Yunyu-US 400LM Portable ProjectorYunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector

    Yunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector Review

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    Yunyu-US 400LM Portable Projector continues to be a viable alternative for home theater use, as well as a terrific toy projector for children’s play and education.

    This portable media Projector is ideal for small-scale theatrical and educational purposes for youngsters. It comes with remote controller for playing the media content.

  • Optoma HZ39HDR Video ProjectorOptoma HZ39HDR Video Projector

    Optoma HZ39HDR Video Projector Review

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    Using HDR10 technology (with 4K input), the Optoma HZ39HDR Video Projector provides viewers with brighter whites and deeper black depths, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience while watching pictures and videos on the big screen.

    Featuring a 1080p resolution with 4K input and an astonishing 300,000:1 contrast ratio, this movie projector creates clear and vivid pictures from high definition video without the need for downscaling or compression, making it ideal for home theaters.

  • FANGOR F405 Full HD ProjectorFANGOR F405 Full HD Projector

    FANGOR F405 Full HD Projector Review

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    The FANGOR F405 projector offers a Full HD resolution of 1920*1080 and can play 4K video. It has a maximal projection screen of 250 inches and a contrast ratio of 8000:1. It is updated with the best Display technology and a steady LED light source.

    The FANGOR F405 WiFi video projector’s built-in 3W dual stereo speakers provide great sound quality, allowing you to have an enjoyable listening experience.

  • Epson Pro EX7280 WXGA ProjectorEpson Pro EX7280 WXGA Projector

    Epson Pro EX7280 WXGA Projector Review

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    Epson Pro EX7280 WXGA Projector is a stylish, lightweight projector, which uses modern 3-chip 3LCD technology and amazing WXGA quality, making it simple to show fascinating, big-screen pictures in almost any setting, from home offices to video conference rooms.

    The Epson Pro EX7280 WXGA projector has an incredible variable contrast ratio of up to 16,000:1, which allows for clear, rich information in graphs, photos, and videos to be projected.

  • Epson EX5280 3-Chip ProjectorEpson EX5280 3-Chip Projector

    Epson EX5280 3-Chip Projector Review

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    Epson EX5280 movie projector delivers sharp, detailed presentations, spreadsheets, and movies even in brightly light environments. It is great for projecting large-group presentations, spreadsheets, and films, as well as videos on a screen.

    It provides high visual quality with XGA resolution, which produces sharp text and images, making it ideal for showing presentations, videos, and other media. An integrated picture skew sensor analyzes the image and corrects the vertical keystone in real time, allowing the image to be more squared.

  • YABER Pro V7 5G WiFi ProjectorYABER Pro V7 5G WiFi Projector

    YABER V7 Pro : Best 5G WiFi Projector Review

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    The YABER V7 Pro is the best 5G WiFi projector on the market, delivering native 1080p image quality for the best in-home entertainment experience. This movie projector pioneered Auto 6D keystone correction, and it is the market’s first projector with 6D automated keystone technology.

    YABER Pro V7 features 5GHz&2.4GHzWiFi dual-band, and 5G WiFi offers greater wireless speeds, allowing for smoother image and video transmission. Furthermore, the Pro V7 has an in-built Bluetooth 5.0 functionality with SRS sound system that can interact with Bluetooth headsets, Wireless speakers, and Airpods.

  • AAXA M7 Native 1080P Movie ProjectorAAXA M7 Native 1080P Movie Projector

    AAXA M7 Native 1080P Movie Projector Review

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    The AAXA M7 is a native 1080P movie projector that brings world-class cinema technology at your fingertips. A high-brightness DLP Optical Engine combined with the latest Quad-Cast LED Technology allows for up to a 200″ screen size (1200 Lumens plugged in, 650 Lumens on battery) at Native 1080P and is 4K 30FPS ready.

    The Osram LEDs used in the AAXA M7 are quality 30,000 hour LEDs. This solid-state light source is set up in a “quad cast” configuration, which means it uses phosphour “pumping” to improve picture quality.

  • ViewSonic PX748-4K True 4K ProjectorViewSonic PX748-4K True 4K Projector

    ViewSonic PX748-4K True 4K Projector Review

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    The ViewSonic PX748-4K projector gives amazing home entertainment around the clock, day or night, in bright or dark environments, thanks to its outstanding Ultra HD resolution, HDR/HLG compatibility, and high brightness of 4,000 ANSI lumens.

    This projector takes gaming to a whole new level with its ultra-low 4.2ms input latency, 240Hz refresh rate, and USB-C connection for direct streaming from game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

  • YABER V10 5G Wi-Fi ProjectorYABER V10 5G Wi-Fi Projector

    YABER V10 5G Wi-Fi Projector Review

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    The YABER V10 is a 1080P projector that offers a bright and vivid picture for entertainment. This projector has the latest bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 chip and stereo surround speaker, allowing you to not only connect your Bluetooth speakers wirelessly, but also utilize your smartphone as a speaker at any time.

    The YABER V10 portable projector is great for watching movies at home, travelling outside, playing games, doing yoga, and throwing parties. It takes use of the YABER 2.0 Smart Engine technology, which, when coupled with a fantastic UI design, makes the device more user-friendly to operate.

  • YABER Pro V7 5G WiFi ProjectorYABER Pro V7 5G WiFi Projector

    YABER Pro V7 : Best 5G WiFi Projector Review

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    The YABER Pro V7 is a 5G WiFi 1080P Native Resolution Projector for home entertainment with a large image size, vibrant colors, and deep, fantastic sound effects. This is the first projector with 6D automatic keystone technology available on the market.

    The YABER Pro V7 has dual-band WiFi (5GHz and 2.4GHz), with 5G WiFi allowing for faster wifi speed and better image/video transmission. It features a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 capability and an SRS sound system, allowing it to connect to Bluetooth devices like headphones, speakers, and Airpods, among other things.

  • YABER V6 1080P Video ProjectorYABER V6 1080P Video Projector

    YABER V6 1080P Video Projector Review

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    YABER V6 is the best 1080P projector that offers brightness of 7500 lumens, a contrast ratio of 10000:1, and a 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio for brilliant and vibrant video quality for your home entertainment. This movie projector is made with a cutting-edge Premium LED light source, greater components, and a careful production process.

    When comparing the image of the V6 projector to that of other 6000: 1 portable projectors, the V6 projector’s image is more visible and clear, and the color is more brilliant and bright. It may utilize the remote control to select “Digital Zoom” to shrink the image’s length and width to 50% of their original length and breadth.

  • WiMiUS K1 5G WiFi Video ProjectorWiMiUS K1 5G WiFi Video Projector

    WiMiUS K1 5G WiFi Video Projector Review

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    The WiMiUS K1 is the best available projector for your home that gives you and your family the best cinematic experience. This projector has both bluetooth and 5G wifi capabilities, making it very easy to operate. It connects to a variety of Bluetooth speakers with ease.

    It boasts a remarkable +20 percent brightness and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p full HD, thanks to the most sophisticated German LED light technology. It will give you natural-looking color instead of washed-out color like other projectors with low contrast ratios.