Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projectors Review


Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projectors is the best wireless movie projector that helps to cast your memory events from your mobile devices into a bigger screen. With a 1280×720 native resolution that supports even 1080p gives you every rich detail in various scenes.

The Led lamp life of Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projectors is 50,000 hours. It consists of a noise suppression system which helps to reduce fan noise. Make a great outdoor movie night together with your loved ones on this projector to get full entertainment experience that you never had in your life.

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Q. What is the resolution of Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projector?

A. The resolution of GC355 Projector is 1280×720 resolution. Hence, it is a perfect for home entertainment purpose.

Q. Does it require cables to connect devices to a larger screen?

A. No, Bomaker GC355 projector doesn’t require cables to connect devices to a larger screen. It has built-in WiFi technology that helps to share your contents wirelessly.

Q. What is the maximum screen cast size of the Projector?

A. The maximum screen cast size of Bomaker GC355 portable movie Projector is up to 80-100 inch big screen.

Q. What are the primary compatible devices it support?

A. Bomaker GC355 portable movie Projector is compatible with most of the devices like laptop, ios or android devices, Xbox, firestick etc. Therefore it is easy to set up and use in your home or offices.

Q. What are the basic features of Bomaker portable movie Projector?

A. The essential features of Bomaker GC355 portable movie Projector are best picture quality, less noise, big cast screen, wireless technology, easy to set up etc. 

Bomaker Portable Movie Projectors

With the Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projector screen mirroring becomes easy with the help of wireless technology to cast movies, pictures, photos, documents etc. from your cellphone screen to a big screen. 

It is compatible with most of the gadget that we used in our daily life like cellphones, firestick, pc, Xbox etc. It uses mirror cast or screencast in order to deliver wireless casting features from your gadget to a bigger screen on your home wall.

Bomaker Portable Movie Projector includes a 5000 lux brightness which gives vibrant and detail picture quality even in the day time. The contrast ratio of this movie projector is 2000:1, so it provides the most vivid picture quality for home entertainment. Bomaker GC355 Portable Movie Projector includes noise compression system, which helps to produce less noise compared to other movie projector. 

Bomaker Portable Movie Projector is easy to install and setup. So for this, you need to follow some small procedure like open Settings in your device and connect to projector wifi called”Mirroring-EBCE88″ by inputting some password and Start the Screen Mirroring settings in the control centre and connect to”Mirroring-EBCE88″.

Bomaker Portable Movie Projectors provides easy wifi screencast from your cellphone or another electronic gadget into your home wall screen. This movie projector provides an easy user interface for casting movies, videos, pictures, documents etc. from the device that you used in your daily life. It is more reliable and portable so that you can carry it from one place to another without any difficulties.

With screencast like mirror cast, you can cast your fantastic event that had happen in your life into a 35-300 inch big screen display. So for this, the perfect space should be from 8.2 -11.4 ft to give bigger display screen size with the best quality.


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