COOAU A6000 Movie Projector Review

COOAU A6000 movie projectors feature 6800 lumens of brightness, that is an increase of +80 percent over an average projector due to the use of the most up-to-date high-quality LED bulb.

As a true native 1920*1080P projector, it can easily generate a clear and more vivid picture, and this movie projector has a display size of 34-300 inches and a projection distance of 3ft-26ft. Get a completely enjoyable experience in no time.

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COOAU A6000 projectors feature 6800 lumens of brightness, that is an increase of +80 percent over an average projector due to the use of the most up-to-date high-quality LED bulb.

As a true native 1920*1080P projector, it can easily generate a clean and more vivid picture, and it enables smartphone connecting as well as USB, VGA and HDMI connections.

It also has an AV connection. Choose A6000 and you will be able to completely enjoy a high-quality home theater!

This movie projector is equipped with the most up-to-date high color reproducibility optical engine, allowing it to project an outstandingly vivid picture from the center to the perimeter.

Because of the high contrast ratio of 9000:1, these projectors will display more vibrant colors graphics.

Additionally, this movie projector has a display size of 34-300 inches and a projection distance of 3ft-26ft. Get a completely enjoyable experience in no time.

Four-way surround sound is created by the five-watt high-fidelity speakers that are incorporated into the unit. The music flows effortlessly in all directions.

You would be able to enjoy the movie and gaming time much more if the sound is more strong.

Furthermore, the projector is equipped with a variety of connectors, including USB, VGA, HDMI, and AV.

It may be connected to a variety of peripheral devices, including smartphones, TV boxes, TV sticks, PCs, DVD players, laptops, USB sticks, PS4s, and X-Boxes, among others.

Additionally, in addition to the easy-to-focus design, the movie projector offers a 15-degree Keystone correction feature.

To get a flawless display, just spin the focusing ring and keystone correction ring in opposite directions. The COOAU A6000 projectors are also capable of linking to a cell phone.

Simply connect your smartphone to this projector with an MHL/Lightning-HDMI cable or a WiFi Dongle and you will be able to view files on a bigger screen without any difficulty.

The cooling system on these projectors has been upgraded to be more revolutionary. Three fans operating at the same time significantly improve the heat dissipation effect, allowing the projector to maintain its peak performance over an extended period of time,

It also reducing the power consumption of the LED lamp, allowing the lamp’s useful life to be extended to a peak of 100,000 hours.

Due to the fact that this projector is manual focus only, there is an adjustable ring for focal length on the side of the device. Before using the lens, be sure to change the focal length using the focal length ring. The recommended viewing distance is around 3.2-3.5 meters.

Based on distance seen between projector and the screen, the picture size may vary by up to 3 percent from the above-mentioned figures.

Poor picture quality may happen if the distance between the projector and the wall/screen is too great or too small, or if the focal length ring and keystone correction are not performed correctly.

Poor picture quality may result from the projector being too far away or too near to the wall or screen, or from the improper adjustment of the ring or button, depending on the settings.

Explain in detail how to link to the computer.

  • First, turn on the computer and projector.
  • Utilize an HDMI or VGA connection to connect your computer to your projector.
  • Select HDMI/VGA as the signal source and project any files that are available.
  • To change the display mode on your laptop, press the “Win+P” board key on the keyboard.

Detailed instructions on how to link your smartphone

  • First, determine whether or not the smartphone’s mirroring feature is supported.
  • Utilize an HDMI cable to connect your phone to your projector.
  • Please choose HDMI as the signal source on your phone. D. Please select USB as the signal source.

The COOAU A6000 projector has a physical resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, resulting in pictures that are clean and brilliant.

This implies that it will display full HD images that are 225 percent more vibrant than those shown by a standard 720p projector.

A6000 is a high-brightness projector with 6800 lumens of brightness, which produces very clean movie-like pictures, as opposed to other projectors with low brightness and low-light grain.

Seeing the details clearly and producing more realistic and lively films is made possible by the high contrast of 9000:1.

Your visual experience will be magnificent thanks to the big 300-inch screen, which will also provide an overpowering immersive movie theater experience.

Put your feet up and relax for the ultimate movie-going experience.

If you have a high-quality Hi-Fi speaker installed, the sound quality will be 60% more clear and colorful.

You may enjoy the immersive experience of a movie theater at any time and from any location without the need to connect to an external speaker system.

The nested sound chamber not only aids in the production of sound, but it also guarantees that the fan operates quietly.

Along with the vertical 15° trapezoid correction feature, it has a focus function as well as sliders on the left and right sides for convenient control.

Provides a clean project from any perspective. It is possible to project from the front, back, or ceiling using the 360° inverted feature.

An on-product control button and a remote control are provided for straightforward navigation and activation of the product’s functions.

Unique turbine heat dissipation technology, and a 4-channel beam that emits 6,800 lumens of brightness are among the features.

Even after extended hours of usage, there is almost little heat generated, enabling you to work comfortably while remaining cool.

It can project absolutely clear, sharp, and brilliant images over the whole 100,000-hour life of the LED light source because of the efficiency of the LED light source.

A variety of peripherals, such as a PC, DVD player, television set-top box, smartphone, tablet, USB memory, gaming console, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast may be connected to the device, which is equipped with AV, VGA, HDMI, USB ports.

It is equipped with a 3.5mm audio output, which allows it to be linked to external speakers or headphone output.

The majority of projectors are capable of playing back in 1080P, however their native resolution is 480P or 720P.

The COOAU A4300 is a true 1080P projector with a large screen. The picture is 2.25 times more clear than that produced by 720P projectors.

Invest in the COOAU A6000 and experience a crisper and more colorful picture. Enjoy high-quality home entertainment to the fullest with the 300-inch bigger projection!


The COOAU A6000 projector is capable of playing video files in the AVI, MKV, and MP4 formats stored on a USB flash drive. If you wish to play WMV videos, please try connecting your computer to this projector so that they may be played.

This projector has the capability of playing 4K video. In order to play 4K video files on this projector, you must first link your smartphone or computer to the projector in order to play the files.

It is advised that you use this projector in a dark setting in order to have the best possible experience.

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COOAU A6000 projector is intended for use in a home theater setting. Try connecting your PC or laptop to this projector to play the PowerPoint presentation if you need to use this projector for certain PowerPoint presentations or for other business purposes.

When you first switch on the projector, it is normal for the fan to make a little amount of noise. This is because the fan operates at its full power when the projector is first turned on. As a result, while using this projector, please keep it at least one meter away from your body.

Question that Mostly Asked on COOAU A6000 projector

Q. What are the advantages you will get on COOAU A6000 projector?

A. It offers 6,800 lumen of high brightness, 1080P,  9,000:1Contrast Ratio, large screen of 300 inches, High-Definition Speaker with Laser Focus Simple to Make Modifications Diffusion Reflections that are easy on the eyes, and a 100,000-hour durability rating.

Q. Is it possible to use this outdoors to watch videos or whatever?

A. Yes, you can use COOAU A6000 projector for outdoors and the picture is bright and beautiful.

Q. What do I need to connect my PS4 and how do I do it?

A. You can connect it with the HDMI cable and choose the HDMI as the signal source on your computer.

Q. Is it possible to project onto a blank white wall?

A. A screen or a white wall would be great for projecting on in this situation.

Q. How can I change the size of the projected image on COOAU A6000 projector?

A. You can do it by adjusting the projection distance.

Q. Can I add a gaming system to COOAU A6000 projector?

A. Yes, you may connect your gaming console through the HDMI ports.

Q. Is it possible to watch with the lights on?

A. Yeah, but not with such a large deal of brilliance when the lights are turned on. In a dark room, however, it will be a wonderful experience.

Q. Is this a native 1080P projector, or is it anything else? What is the sharpness of it?

A. Yes, COOAU A6000 projector streams 1080P video flawlessly and with excellent clarity. The projector is clearer than other projectors.

Q. What is the best way to flip a picture?

A. The Flip Function may be found in the OPTIONS menu on your projector.

Q. Is it possible for me to view movies on Netflix and Amazon?

A. Yes, You can watch on COOAU A6000 movie projector however the image quality on your television will be far greater.

Q. Is it light enough to use as a daytime small home classroom throughout the day? Or, is it just effective at nighttime?

A. Yes. It is quite effective. During the day, I wouldn’t recommend using it outdoors, but in a classroom, you should be alright. Of course, the highest quality is obtained at night.

Q. Will it be able to read AVI files, for example?

A. Yes, it is capable of reading AVI files.

Q. Is it possible to link it to a Google Chromecast device?

A. Yes, you can link your Chromecast device to COOAU A6000 movie projector

Is it possible to use this outdoors to watch movies or whatever?

A. Yes! We used it outdoors to watch movies with the kids, and the image was crystal clear, sharp, and lovely! It’s a lot of fun for the kids.

Q. What is the lamp life span?

A. It offers 100,000-hour durability rating

Q. Is it possible to utilize more speakers with COOAU A6000 movie projector?

A. Yes, there is an AV port on this projector.

Q. What I’m wondering is if this projector has a sleep timer.

A. It is possible to discover the Sleep Timer on the TIME Menu, which is available.

Q.  Do you have the ability to ceiling mount?

A. You may use an M5*10 screw to attach it to the ceiling, if you choose to do so.

Q. Can you label the input specifications of the power adapter? What is the voltage range of 100 to 240 volts at 50-60 hertz?

A. The following voltages are supported by the projector: DC input voltage ranges from 90V to 260V.

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