ONAYO AY2Pro Projector Review

ONAYO AY2 projector is a budget-friendly, portable projector. This projector weighs 2.42 pounds. The dimensions of this projector are 5.31 x 4.64 x 4.56 inches. The connectivity from this projector is Bluetooth, WIFI, HDMI, 3.55 mm jack.

ONAYO AY2 projector is used in school, business, gaming, and many more. This projector is portable you can take it wherever you want, has friendly packaging you will not need any additional gift wraps to give your loved ones during the festive seasons, is hands-free, and many more.

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ONAYO AY2PRO is a great projector with WIFI, and Bluetooth, it is portable and has electrical focus. This projector is from company ONAYO. This device has a feature of multi-device connection. We can connect this device to phones, iPads, TV sticks, DVD players, audio, USB disks, and many more.

ONOAYO AY2Pro Projector Review

The projector weighs 2.42 pounds and has dimensions of 5.31 x 4.64 x 4.56 inches. The color you will be provided is white. The connectivity we can get from this projector is Bluetooth, WIFI, HDMI, 3.5 mm jack, and more. The display resolution we get from this device is 1920 x 1080. This great wireless projector has the following features :

*Portable :
ONAYO AY2PRO is a portable projector. You can take this item wherever you want (with friends, at parties, in business activities, in personal meetings, and many more). It is very easy to carry
It can be taken for your business for study purposes or any project or meeting. It includes a carrying strap which makes you more easy to carry wherever you want.

*Friendly packaging :
This premium projector provides you a very great packaging and simple packaging. If you are thinking of gifting this printer to your close, loved ones in the time of festive seasons then you will not need to spend your money on additional gift packaging and wrapping. This can be a great gift for your close and loved ones since this projector
can be used for both entertainment and work activities.

ONAYO AY2PRO projector is a great projector. It has a very easy adjustment we can sit back and let the projector correct image distortion or any projection-related problems. With this projector, we will not be needing to correct any projection-related errors.

*Excitement and fun :
Bring magic, fun, and excitement into your place with the ONAYO AY2 projector. This projector not only connects Bluetooth devices like (earbuds, phones, and headsets) but can be doubled as a powerful Bluetooth speaker to pump your party. This projector can make your party a favorite memory due to its great features.

If you wanna know more about the ONAYO AY2PRO projector then you can watch more videos on you tube, you can contact us via mail. Our priority is your satisfaction so we will provide better products for you in the future. By buying this product I can make sure it will never make you disappointed. It has many great features and for the price range of this projector, you will not find any projector with these wonderful features.

Following things you will be provided if you purchase the ONAYO AY2 projector
*Portable carrying strap
*Power cord
*HDMI cable
*Power cable
*User manual

Many customers who bought this projector say this projector is portable and they like the performance, video quality, high definition visuals, and vibrant images. Customers said that the performance and quality of the projector are worth the price and is very hard to get this type of projector in this price range. Customers also appreciate the sound quality,
strap, and ease of use.



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