TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector: Enhancing Home Entertainment with Native Full HD Resolution

In-home entertainment has never been more flexible than with the TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector. It’s stunning visuals are the result of its inherent Full HD resolution. The projector allows for connections from a variety of sources and has a number of available ports. Its one-of-a-kind style makes it a fantastic present for milestone events.

Relax at home with your loved ones and play video games or watch your favorite programs. The TOPTRO TR80 projector will transport you into a world of stunning imagery and powerful audio.

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Introducing the TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector, the latest upgraded native Full HD projector that supports multi-device connectivity and various media formats. Say goodbye to crowded movie theaters and hello to a cozy family setup at home!

TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector

With this projectors’ simple installation process introduce yourself and others to an exciting viewing atmosphere for various entertainment mediums like movies, TV shows or video games. Thats not all; impress your loved ones by gifting them this unique device which is suited for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and New Year! Bring home TOPTRO and enhance your family time with more happiness.

TOPTRO, which stands for “Top Quality, Real Romantic Option,” reflects their vision of providing top-notch quality and excellent after-sales service. They aim for their customers to truly experience the romantic option their products offer.

The TOPTRO TR80 comes with multiple ports, including 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs, 1 VGA input, 1 AV output, and 1 Audio output. This is not your ordinary projectors – its’ versatile enough for flawless connectivity with several complementary devices – worth considering when looking for an excellent source of daily entertainment use!

It has sophisticated features specifically designed tailor made for home settings! Not only can it exhibit vivid images ranging anywhere from around forty five inch all through scintillating 300 inch displays but it can do this with its broad range of projection distances ranging from 1.5m  to 7.5 meters! For maximum viewer enjoyment.

We suggest you keep the projector at an optimal distance between three and three and a half meters from your screen! By simply inserting a Fire Stick TV, Roku Streaming Stick, or TV Box, TOPTRO projectors can transform into smart HD TVs, saving you money on purchasing an additional HD TV.

Equipped with a Dual HiFi stereo speaker and SRS sound system that supports Dobly sound, TOPTRO projectors deliver an excellent listening experience without the need for external speakers.

Their excellent four way surround sound system guarantees a seamless auditory sensation by dispersing the sound naturally across all directions and creating an immersive experience like no other. Furthermore should you desire further upgrades on audio enhancement simply connect any external speaker of your choice to the projector

The TOPTRO TR80 offers horizontal and vertical zoom capabilities within a ± 50° range. Unlike most LCD projectors that adjust the projection size solely by changing the distance, this device breaks that limitation. It is especially convenient for ceiling installations, as you can use the zoom function to change the image size using the remote control.

With 4D trapezoidal correction (vertical and horizontal), the TR80 ensures a consistently rectangular image for your viewing pleasure. You can adjust the image within a ± 50° range, a significant improvement compared to other projectors with a ± 15° range.

When the device is suspended on the ceiling, you can conveniently adjust the keystone correction using the remote control. Additionally, the TR80 projector supports side projection, offering more flexibility in its usage.

One of the standout features of this LED projectors is its ability to support sync screen playing. By connecting your smartphone or iPad to the projector via a WiFi dongle, you can create a large 45-300 inch screen for a captivating viewing experience.

It effortlessly plays 1080P/60Hz videos from your phone and resolves the playback issues other projectors encounter when playing such videos from USB or Micro-SD Card devices. Set up your phone, grab some snacks, and relax on your sofa to enjoy the best moments with your family.

With its 300-inch image projection, TOPTRO projectors are designed to be more suitable for human eyes’ visual habits. They effectively reduce eye fatigue, especially in children, and fundamentally prevent eyesight deterioration. Furthermore, compared to electronic screens, projection screens emit no radiation, ensuring a safer viewing experience for all.

Reviving an unfinished movie has never been easier thanks to the memory function of the TOPTRO TR80. Gone are those days when restarting or searching through clips were necessary chores before enjoying uninterrupted cinema viewing! With this feature in place, resuming playback becomes entirely uncomplicated – do it at your leisure without distractions!

Additionally, customizing sleep time and scheduled boot is seamlessly possible in weekly or daily modes so that excessive energy consumption can be avoided while still guaranteeing that everyone savors quality cinematic moments comfortably.

Save yourself the hassle of purchasing additional cables and adapters with the TR21 wifi projector integration! This cutting-edge device makes it simple to mirror movies, videos, apps games as well as photos from mobile devices onto a substantial screen without complications.

Should any concerns arise while operating this feature-packed device? Fret not! The dedicated customer support team is always ready to help tackle any problem that may crop up promptly.

Also worth mentioning is its latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 chip; this ensures compatibility across multiple gadgets such as smartphones and tablets with easy connectivity options allowing an enhanced audio experience using other compatible accessories like speakers or headphones.

TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector

When it comes to image quality, the TR21 projector stands out among portable projectors of similar size in the market. With three times clearer resolution, 9500 lumens brightness, and a 10000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers brighter and more vivid projection images.

The projector’s LED technology extends the lamp life up to an impressive 120,000 hours. Moreover, the updated noise suppression technology and cooling system significantly reduce fan noise, making it 30% quieter compared to ordinary projectors.

Offering a multitude of connectivity options through its various in-built ports such as HDMI , USB , VGA , AV & SD card slots – the TR21 Projector is your one-stop solution for hassle free connectivity across various devices including but not limited to PCs’ . TV sticks, PS4 gaming consoles & X Box. Furthermore this device boasts incredibly lightweight design combined with optimal form factor making transport & storage issues things of the past thereby making it an all purpose must have accessory perfect for indoor or outdoor entertainment purposes!


  • Brightness: 6800 Lumens
  • Contrast: 8000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels
  • Maximum Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Projection Size: 45-300 Inches
  • 6 Inch TFT LCD Technology
  • 4D Trapezoid Correction: ± 50°
  • Zoom Function: 50%-100%

Tips to Use TOPTRO TR80 projector

Here are some tips to help you use the TOPTRO TR80 projector easily:

  • This device is capable of playing AVI, MKV and MP4 video formats directly from a USB disk. However, For WMV videos you need to connect your computer to the projector is necessary.
  • One noteworthy characteristic of this projector is its capability to facilitate outstandingly clear and vibrant 4K video playback. It implies that indulging in high definition content on larger screens will deliver an exceptional viewing experience. Furthermore if preferred users can connect their laptop or mobile devices for ease of access and maximum enjoyment.
  • To experience the best possible viewing quality its recommended to use the product in total darkness since our device is specially designed for it.
  • If you intend to use this device for business reasons such as presentations with PowerPoint using it with a computer is suggested.
  • Meanwhile. Do understand that there might initially be some noise from the fan of the device during start up period until it reaches full speed which is typical and normal.
  • When enjoying your favorite movies or shows on screen via projection using this model of projectors keeping yourself one meter away from its placement point optimizes viewers experience significantly.
  • In addition thereto remember that cooling fan exhausts air usually from one end (right side). Therefore ensuring adequate airflow around it will let devices function more efficiently while preventing any overheating issues.
  • Finally adjustments to projection height could also enhance larger screens display comfortably by slightly rotating screws located at bottom of the device according to your preference!

Review: TOPTRO TR80 1080P Projector

TOPTRO TR80  is an exceptional choice for those seeking a top-quality, versatile, and immersive home entertainment experience. With its native 1080P full HD resolution, extensive connectivity options, exceptional audio quality, and flexible projection features, this product surpasses expectations.

Moreover, its wireless capabilities, user-friendly functions, and long-lasting performance make it a reliable and convenient choice for all your entertainment needs. Embrace the TOPTRO TR80 and elevate your viewing experience to new heights.

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